Information Technology Infrastructure Library

Information Technology Infrastructure Library
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Information Technology Infrastructure Library

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2KO South Africa offers online ITIL Foundations courses in  South Africa. We also offer full time ITIL courses in Cape Town for groups of four or more delegates. Our ITIL courses are aimed at successfully preparing students for the ITIL Foundations exams by teaching the core fundamentals of ITIL practices: service management as a practice, the service lifecycle, key principles and models, selected roles, processes and functions, technology and architecture and the ITIL Qualification scheme. 2KO International regularly delivers computer training and IT certification all across Africa, and is also a leading supplier of world-wide online computer courses from the comfort of home or work.

Information Technology Infrastructure Library - ITIL

Module 1: Service Operation Introduction

 1.1 Introduction

 1.2 Syllabus Exam Overview And Testing Tips

 1.3 Service Operation Introduction Part 1

 1.4 Service Operation Introduction Part 2

 1.5 Service Operation Introduction Part 3

 1.6 Service Operation Introduction Part 4

 1.7 Service Operation Introduction Part 5


Module 2: Service Management As a Practice

 2.1 Service Management As A Practice Part 1

 2.2 Service Management As A Practice Part 2

 2.3 Service Management As A Practice Part 3


Module 3: Service Operation Principles

 3.1 Service Operation Principles Part 1

 3.2 Service Operation Principles Part 2

 3.3 Service Operation Principles Part 3

 3.4 Service Operation Principles Part 4


Module 4: Service Operation Process

 4.1 Service Operation Process Part 1

 4.2 Service Operation Process Part 2

 4.3 Service Operation Process Part 3

 4.4 Incident Management Part 1

 4.5 Incident Management Part 2

 4.6 Problem Management

 4.7 Request Fulfillment

 4.8 Access Management


Module 5: Common Service Operation Activities

 5.1 Common Service Operation Activities Part 1

 5.2 Common Service Operation Activities Part 2

 5.3 Common Service Operation Activities Part 3

 5.4 Common Service Operation Activities Part 4


Module 6: Organizing For Service Operation

 6.1 Organizing For Service Operation Part 1

 6.2 Organizing For Service Operation Part 2

 6.3 Organizing For Service Operation Part 3

 6.4 Roles Part 1

 6.5 Roles Part 2


Module 7: Technology Considerations

 7.1 Technology Considerations


Module 8: Service Operation

 8.1 Implementation Of Service Operation

 8.2 Challenges, Risks, And Critical Success Factors

 8.3 Conclusion

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