BHS Stage 1 Preparation Course

BHS Stage 1 Preparation Course
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BHS Stage 1 Preparation Course

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BHS Stage 1 Preparation Course

This course will prepare you thoroughly for your BHS Stage 1 Horse Knowledge and care exam, the first in the British Horse Society’s professional exam series. If you are thinking of starting a career with horses whether it is as a groom, or instructor; freelance, part time or full time, you will need to take this exam.

Course Content
This course is designed to help candidates to prepare for the British Horse Society Stage 1 certificate. To clarify, this course does not give you the qualification, but prepares you for it. On completion of the course, Equine Distance Learning will help and support you to find a date and exam centre at which to take the exam.

Why take your BHS Stage 1?

  • If you would like a more professional qualification
  • Students who wish to begin a career working with horses.
  • If you want to start on the first rung on the ladder towards becoming an instructor
  • If you would like to become a groom.
  • The BHS is a renowned world wide organisation and with their qualifications you can get a job anywhere in the world with horses.
  • The course is divided into three units, which can be studied as a whole, or individually.

Unit One: Practical

  • Safe Handling of Horses and stable management
  • Grooming – both stabled and field-kept horses
  • The Foot and Shoeing
  • Rugs and Rugging
  • Saddlery – application, fitting and the care of saddlery.

Unit Two: Practical Oral

  • Handling horses for treatment and inspection
  • Mucking out, skipping out and maintaining a muck heap
  • Bedding, Hay and haynets
  • Horse Identification

Unit Three: Theory

  • Health and Safety, accident procedures, riding safely on the road
  • Horse Health, when to call the vet
  • Horse Behaviour – the horses lifestyle and instincts in the wild
  • Grassland Management
  • Feeding and Watering – types of feed, feed rations for a horse in light work.

The course consists of learning material, learning activities and assessments which will gauge whether you are up to the required industrystandard, and whether you are ready to take the Stage 1 exam. Some of the assessments are written, some oral, and some involve taking videos of yourself carrying out certain tasks, or getting a BHS registered instructor to sign off that you can carry out certain practical tasks. Work experience is advisable to practice and re-enforce your knowledge and skills alongside studying for this course.

Course Snapshot

  • Equine Distance Learning Certification
  • 15 modules
  • Numerous learning activities
  • Practical and theoretical assesments
  • Exam tips and advice

What is included?

  • Bespoke course material written by industry experts
  • Unlimited tutorial support
  • Full support and advice on entering and taking your exam.
  • Exam technique and advice
  • FREE career advice

Who is this course for?

  • Students wanting a change in career to work with horses
  • Students wanting to become an instructor
  • Students wanting to become a groom; freelance or otherwise.
  • Students wanting a professional qualification that will be recognised worldwide
  • Students wanting a BHS Qualification

Exam R450 To Be Done At 2KO International



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