Cisco CCNA Wireless Network Fundamentals

Cisco CCNA Wireless Network Fundamentals
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Cisco CCNA Wireless Network Fundamentals

2KO South Africa offers online Cisco CCNA Wireless Network Fundamental courses in South Africa for Cisco certification exam 200-355. We also offer full time Cisco Wireless Network Fundamental courses in Cape Town for groups of four or more delegates. 2KO South Africa's CCNA security course is offered to our international and local students. 2KO offers instructor led computer classes in Africa, and is a leading supplier of accredited online computer courses, to ensure the best CCNA certification training in South Africa.

This Cisco 200-355 training course will provide students with knowledge of Radio Frequency (RF) and 802.11 technology essentials along with installing, configuring, monitoring and basic troubleshooting tasks needed to support Small Medium Business and Enterprise wireless networks. The Cisco 200-355 is the base level certification for those who would like to prove their wireless networking knowledge using Cisco Systems® or related equipment


Module 1: Wireless Basics


  • Course And Instructor Introduction
  • Wireless Basics 

Module 2: Wireless Standards

  • Wireless Standards 

Module 3: Wireless Signals

  • Wireless Signals 

Module 4: Antennas

  • Antennas 

Module 5: Topologies

  • Topologies 

Module 6: Frame Types

  • Frame Types 

Module 7: Planning Coverage

  • Planning Coverage

Module 8: Architectures

  • Architectures 

Module 9: Stand Alone And Cloud Deployments

  • Stand Alone And Cloud Deployments 

Module 10: Controller Based Deployment

  • Controller Based Deployment 

Module 11: Controller Discovery

  • Controller Discovery 

Module 12: Roaming

  • Roaming 

Module 13: Radio Resource Management

  • Radio Resource Management 

Module 14: Wireless Security

  •  Wireless Security 

Module 15: WLAN Configuration

  •  WLAN Configuration

Module 16: Guest Networks

  • Guest Networks

Module 17: Client Connectivity

  • Client Connectivity 

Module 18: Managing Wireless

  •  Managing Wireless 

Module 19: Interference

  • Interference 

Module 20: Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting 
  • Course Conclusion

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