CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional
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CISSP - Certified Information Systems Security Professional

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2KO Africa's CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Certification certification online course from 2KO Africa covers topics such as Access Control Systems, Cryptography, and Security Management Practices, teaching students the ten domains of information system security knowledge.  These courses are also available as instructor led courses in Cape Town.

The CISSP Certification is administered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or (ISC)². (ISC)² promotes the CISSP exam as an aid to evaluating personnel performing information security functions. Candidates for this exam are typically network security professionals and system administrators with at least four years of direct work experience in two or more of the ten test domains. As the first ANSI ISO accredited credential in the field of information security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification provides information security professionals with not only an objective measure of competence, but a globally recognized standard of achievement.

2KO Africa's CISSP training course maps directly to the exam objectives and offers numerous features such as exam tips, case studies, and practice exams.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

Access Control

  •     General Concepts
  •     Authentication
  •     Principles
  •     Types and Categories
  •     Reference Monitor
  •     Techniques
  •     Models
  •     Passwords
  •     Smart Cards
  •     Biometrics
  •     Access Control Systems
  •     Administration
  •     Residuals
  •     Accountability
  •     Summary
  •     Telecommunications and Network Security

OSI Reference Model

  •     ISO/OSI Layers and Characteristics
  •     Topologies
  •     LAN Access Methods
  •     Wireless
  •     System and Security Management
  •     Internet Protocols and Security
  •     Firewall Terms and Types
  •     Web Security
  •     Common Attacks
  •     Remote Access Security
  •     Summary
  •     Information Security Governance and Risk Management

Key Concepts

  •     Definitions
  •     Key Concepts
  •     Risk Management
  •     Risk Assessment
  •     Useful Formulas
  •     3rd Party Governance
  •     Information Classification
  •     Roles and Responsibilities
  •     Written Guidance
  •     Policies and Standards
  •     Employment Policies
  •     Employee Education Programs
  •     Change Management
  •     Summary
  •     Software Architecture and Design


  •     Databases
  •     Query Language
  •     Object Oriented
  •     Applications Beyond the Database
  •     Definitions
  •     Application System Development
  •     Controls
  •     Compiled vs. Interpreted
  •     Vulnerabilities
  •     Botnets
  •     Summary
  •     Cryptography


  •     Cryptanalysis Terms
  •     Symmetric Encryption
  •     Asymmetric Encryption
  •     Hybrid Encryption
  •     Public Key Infrastructures
  •     Hash Functions
  •     Digital Signatures
  •     Protocol Based
  •     Pretty Good Privacy
  •     Cracking Techniques
  •     Summary
  •     Security Architecture and Design

Abstract Levels

  •     Computer Hardware
  •     Operating Systems
  •     Processors
  •     Types of Storage
  •     Information Security Architecture
  •     Open and Closed Systems
  •     Access Controls
  •     Architectural Foundation
  •     Modes of Operation
  •     Certification and Accreditation
  •     Evaluation Criteria
  •     Security Models
  •     Summary
  •     Operations Security

Threats in an Operating Environment

  •     Control Categories
  •     Accountability
  •     Trusted Recovery
  •     Management and Administrative Control
  •     Due Care and Diligence
  •     Hardware and Software Controls
  •     Email and Fax
  •     Privilege
  •     Physical Access
  •     Monitoring Techniques
  •     Problem Management
  •     Threats and Vulnerabilities
  •     Defense in Depth
  •     Summary
  •     Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The Basics

  •     Reasons for BCP
  •     Key Concepts
  •     Definitions
  •     Business Continuity Life Cycle
  •     Project Initiation
  •     Business Impact Analysis
  •     Assessing Risk
  •     Recovery Strategies
  •     Off-Site Requirements
  •     Data Redundancy
  •     System Backups
  •     Plan Development
  •     Testing and Maintenance
  •     Stages in an Incident
  •     Summary
  •     Legal Requirements and Investigations


  •     Code of Ethics
  •     Laws
  •     Intellectual Property
  •     Proprietary Rights
  •     Liability
  •     Computer Crime
  •     Computer Crime Laws
  •     Computer Investigation
  •     Investigation Steps
  •     Computer Forensics
  •     Evidence Admissibility
  •     Summary
  •     Physical and Environmental Security

Physical Security

  •     Crime Prevention
  •     Site Design and Configuration
  •     Boundary Protection
  •     Computing Facility Requirements
  •     Fire Prevention
  •     Fire Suppression
  •     Fire Classes
  •     Media Protection
  •     Access Controls
  •     Physical Security
  •     Summary
  •     Course Summary

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