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Online IT Courses (a subsidiary of 2KO International) is an Online Computer Training provider for IT certification courses, for Africans by Africans. Our option to "select your course by technology", allows candidates to choose a course based on the most popular and latest technologies in the IT world. Select from Networking, Databases, Web, and Graphic, and from User type courses such as Office type courses. This section groups together courses that are in a similar field, across the multiple IT vendors.

Courses By Vendor

Our option to "choose your course by Vendor", allows you to select a course based on the Vendor of your choice, such as Microsoft, CISCO, Adobe or Oracle for example. Each vendor is listed with the courses we deliver per vendor, making your course selection much easier. if you would like help in selecting the ideal course, our course assistants are standing by ready to assist.

International Exams are not included if not stated.

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Mobile Application Development