Illustrator CC - Getting Started

Illustrator CC - Getting Started
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Illustrator CC - Getting Started

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About This Course

You'll start with the basics: Understanding vector artwork and how it differs from raster images, and how to navigate through and customize Illustrator's interface. Then, it's on to making precise, masterful selections with Illustrator's variety of commands and tools. Next, you'll create and manage your own vector artwork, and learn how to scale, align, and adjust your objects with ease. Typography, including handing text objects and create text along a path comes next, followed by more advanced Illustrator techniques like special effects, Pathfinders, and exporting your work into a variety of file formats. All this and more awaits in Getting Started With Illustrator CC! 2KO International presents authorised computer courses with IT certification, and is a leading supplier of online computer training (available world-wide).



Course Modules

Getting Started

  • Welcome, Here's What We'll Learn
  • Understanding Raster & Vector Graphics
  • A Crash Course In Graphic File Formats

Getting Comfortable in the Illustrator Environment

  • Opening, Creating & Working With Multiple Documents
  • A Tour Of The Illustrator Interface
  • Customizing The Illustrator Environment
  • Saving Interface Workspaces
  • Zooming and Navigation Techniques
  • Using Illustrator's Outline Mode

Working With Selections

  • Using the Selection Tool
  • Using the Direct Selection Tool
  • Free-Handing Selections With The Lasso Tool
  • Selecting Objects Based On Colour
  • Advanced Selection Techniques
  • Saving & Reloading Selections

Drawing Shapes & Paths

  • Drawing Rectangles & Squares
  • Drawing Ovals & Circles
  • Drawing Rounded Rectangles, Polygons & Stars
  • Drawing Lines, Arcs & Grids
  • Drawing With The Pencil Tool (And Erasing Mistakes)
  • Understanding Vector Paths
  • Introducing Illustrator Brushes
  • Using The Blob Brush

Managing Objects

  • Moving And Duplicating Objects
  • Aligning And Spacing Objects Apart
  • Grouping And Ungrouping Objects
  • Locking And Hiding
  • Controlling Stacking Order
  • Rotating, Reflecting, And Transforming Shapes
  • Precise Positioning Using The Transform Panel
  • Precisely Transforming And Positioning Objects
  • Automatically Calculating In The Transform Panel
  • Aligning To A Key Object

Working With Colour

  • Methods For Applying Fills And Strokes
  • Setting Stroke Options
  • Creating A Dashed Outline Effect
  • Exploring Illustrator's Swatch Libraries
  • Mixing And Saving Custom Colours
  • Creating, Saving, And Using Custom Gradients
  • Filling Objects With Patterns
  • Copying Fills And Strokes

Working With Type

  • Creating Point And Area Type
  • Importing Large Amounts Of Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Area Type Options
  • Creating Type on a Path
  • Converting Text To Shapes
  • Going Further With Illustrator
  • Introducing Layers
  • Using Illustrator's Pathfinders
  • Applying Special Effects
  • Exploring The Appearance Panel

Saving & Exporting Your Work

  • Saving Your Work In Different File Formats
  • Saving Your Work For The Web

Wrapping Up

  • Where to Go From Here


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