Ajax, jQuery and JSON for Beginning Web Developers

Ajax, jQuery and JSON for Beginning Web Developers
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Ajax, jQuery and JSON for Beginning Web Developers

If you want to be a web developer, you need to know Ajax, jQuery and JSON. Learn what these these technologies are, how they work together, and how to build real life applications using them. 2KO's online courses are also available as full-time instructor led courses in Cape Town, giving our students hands on skills to help prepare for International IT certification exams. 2KO International delivers computer courses in dozens of countries across Africa, as well as being a leading supplier of online IT training from the comfort of home or work. Contact us for news of current course specials.


This easy to follow course teaches beginning web developers what you need to know to begin using Ajax, jQuery and JSON in the real world. Our approach is to teach them all in one course so you can understand the entire process of developing with these technologies instead of learning one, then struggling to understand how it works with other technologies to produce something useful.

Ajax, jQuery and JSON for Beginning Web Developers

Module 1: Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Course

Module 2: Getting Started with JQuery and Ajax
Getting jQuery
Basic Functionality
User Interaction
Exercise: Create a Navigation Menu

Module 3: Introduction to Json
Introduction to JSON
Working with JSON

Module 4 Exercise: Create Search Functionality For A Site
Exercise: Create Search Functionality for a Site

Module 5: Conclusion

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