Unity 3D Game Development: Introduction

Unity 3D Game Development: Introduction
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Unity 3D Game Development: Introduction

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Calling all newbie game developers! Learn Unity 3D, the most powerful game engine in the world. 2KO offers computer courses in over eighteen nations across Africa; as well as providing online IT training 24x7 over the Internet, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide from the comfort of home or work.

This course introduces Unity 3D. The tutorials below also seek to create an understanding on how Unity works and serves its purpose in game development. It is in this course that the learner will have a solid grip on the founding concepts on both scripting and compiling games.This course will give you the basis for understanding game development using Unity 3Ds powerful game engine. If you've never developed games before, this course is for you.


So What Is a Game Engine?
A game engine is framework which facilitates the kinds of tasks which need to be done when writing a game. So what are the kinds of tasks we want to do? We would probably want to display images on the screen (in game terminology, an image which is displayed on the screen is called a sprite). We may need to draw menus or text on the screen. We might want to organise our sprites so that some are behind others. Often games use realistic physic so objects collide or fall with gravity. A game engine will help us do these things and many more.

Class Curriculum

Introduction to Unity 3D

  • What Unity 3D Is, and Why You Should Use It (4:06)

  • Unity's Structure (12:02)
  • Manipulating Objects (13:48)
  • Understanding the User Interface (10:45)
  • Our First Script (9:36)
  • Finishing Our Script (3:37)
  • Compiling Games (2:04)


  • Certificate Exam Access

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