iOS 9 App Development For Beginners

iOS 9 App Development For Beginners
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iOS 9 App Development For Beginners

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Learn iPhone app development with Xcode 7 and Swift 2.

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few decades, you'll know that Apple has a strong hold over the technology world; a hold that won't loosen its grip any time soon. You'll also know that this computer giant does things a little differently to everyone else. That's why having the ability to develop apps for iOS is vital for any successful developer – particularly when new versions are releases at such a regular pace. But don't worry; this course will get you up to speed. 



Create Stunning Apps for Apple with Ease
Create native iPhone and iPad apps using Xcode and Swift
Get your apps on the iTunes App Store for anyone to download and use
Take the first steps towards becoming an Apple developer
Learn the ins and outs of the Apple developer centre and user interfaces for iOS apps

Build your own Apps from the Ground Up
This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with creating Apple apps for iOS 9. It has been designed for students who are already familiar with programming structures and the software development process, and who have an interest in applying this to iOS applications. With over 57 lectures and 6.5 hours of content, you'll go through the entire app building process from planning and design right up to publishing your app in the iTunes App Store. Starting with an overview of becoming an iOS developer and Apple's developer centre, you'll then progress to building the user interface of your app. This includes storyboards, controls, navigation and more. Following that, you'll move on to specific iOS features like posting to social media, geocoding, and son on, before getting to grips with the data side of things. Finally, you'll cover how to publish your app. By the end of this course, you'll be well on your way to becoming a fully fledged Apple developer, and you'll have all of the knowledge and experience necessary to create flawless, fun, and fully functioning apps for the Apple community.

Tools Used
Xcode 7: Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that contains all the software you need to create beautiful, fast, and easy to use applications for Apple devices like iPhones and iPads. You can experiment with new APIs, add additional source code, and even make use of he interface testing feature, which records your app in action.

Swift 2: Swift is one of the newest programming languages to hit the scene and was especially developed for iOS and OS X (i.e Apple products). Swift is one of the most simple languages to get a handle on, and what's even better is that it makes creating lighting-fast, fun and interactive apps easy.

Class Curriculum

Introduction to the Course

  •     Course Introduction
  •     Registering As iOS Developer
  •     First iOS project
  •     Adding Controls
  •     Completing The App

Building the User Interface

  •     Building The User Interface
  •     Storyboard Basics 1
  •     Storyboard Basics 2
  •     UILabel Storyboard
  •     UIlabel Code
  •     UIbutton Control
  •     UItextfield Control
  •     UItextview Control
  •     UIsegmented Control
  •     UIslider Control
  •     UIswitch Control
  •     UIprogressview Control
  •     UIactivityindicator Control
  •     UIstepper Control
  •     UIimageview Control
  •     UIdatepicker Control
  •     Page Control
  •     UIPicker Control
  •     UITableView 1
  •     UITableView 2
  •     UITableView 3
  •     UITableView 4
  •     UICollectionView
  •     NavigationController
  •     Passing Data
  •     UITabBar Controller
  •     UIToolbar Control
  •     User Alerts And Messages
  •     UIWebView 1
  •     UIWebView 2

iOS features

  •     iOS Features
  •     Geocoding
  •     Using MKMapItem
  •     Using MapKit
  •     Getting the Current Location
  •     Posting Using Uiactivityviewcontroller
  •     Posting to Twitter Using SLComposeViewController
  •     Posting to Facebook Using SLComposeViewController
  •     Going Async
  •     Reminders and Alarms
  •     File Management

Working with data

  •     Working With Data
  •     Nsdictionary Intro
  •     Json
  •     Databases
  •     Sqlite Walkthrough
  •     iCloud Files - UIDocument
  •     iCloud Setup
  •     iCloudFiles

Publishing your App

  •     Publishing Your App
  •     iOS Dev Center
  •     Provisioning
  •     iTunesconnect


  •     Conclusion and Resources
  •     Closing Message


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