Java Programming - Intermediate & Advanced

Java Programming - Intermediate & Advanced
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Java Programming - Intermediate & Advanced

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There are lots of ' Java for Beginners' courses out there. This course will take your basic Java programming skills and teach you how to implement them in the real world. Learn object oriented programming and build real Java applications. 2KO International presents authorised computer courses with IT certification, and is a leading supplier of online computer training (available world-wide) from the comfort of home or work.


Object Oriented Programming (Intermediate Java Section

  • Concepts and Syntax
  • Constructors, 'this' keyword & toString Method
  • Inheritance & 'extends' keyword
  • Abstraction & equals method
  • Interfaces & 'implements' keyword


  • Introduction To Threads
  • Implementing a 'Runnable'
  • ing and Stopping
  • Basic Thread Logic

Build a Real Java Application

  • JFrame & Basic Drawing
  • Getting User Input
  • Render Manager Part 1
  • Render Manager Part 2
  • Input Manager Part 1
  • Input Manager Part 2
  • Application Structure Part 1
  • Application Structure Part 2

Advanced Java | Java Networking

  • Introduction - Client Setup
  • Server Setup
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Client GUI Setup
  • Server/Client Logic
  • Debugging and Connecting Clients to the Server

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