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Professional Programmer

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Courses Included in this Bundle - 21

HTML5 and CSS3 Fundamentals
Learn responsive website design for beginners with HTML5 and CSS3. In the last year one aspect of this – the world wide web – has kicked up a gear with the introduction of HTML5, the newest version of the code that makes the web tick.

Swift Programming for Beginners
Swift is one of the hottest new languages on the market today, and essential if you want to develop iOS apps. However, if you’ve ever tried to learn it yourself by reading manuals or following complicated tutorials, you’ll know it’s not the simplest language in the world.

Fundamentals of Javascript
Learn JavaScript from the ground up. This course is aimed at complete beginners, but is great for those who need a brush up on their JavaScript skills. Source codes are included in the course materials.

Python Web Programming
The definitive online Python web programming course. Imagine powering up your tablet and browsing a site you built. Or discovering the skills necessary to launch a career in web programming.

AngularJS For Beginners
Get started with the popular AngularJS framework. HTML works perfectly fine as far as static documents are concerned. If a web application requires dynamic views however, it's less than ideal.

Ruby On Rails for Beginners
Ruby on Rails allows developers to create fully interactive and completely flawless web applications in record time. It’s the framework of choice for all of those household name tech companies because it is both complex and simple, and can be applied to a range of applications.

Python Programming for Beginners
Recently updated with new, better Python development content for beginners. you'll learn a simple, versatile and highly readable code that you can execute on a wide variety of systems quickly and easily.

C++ Programming Fundamentals
C++ is one of the most in demand programming languages in the software industry, and the language that many others derive from – Java being just one. Being somewhat more complex than others, it's not easy to find a C++ tutorial for beginners.

Fundamentals of Java Programming
The essentials of Java all in one easy to understand course. Have you ever wondered how all those cool applications and games around the web are made? The answer is: Java. Java is the most commonly used programming language in the world.

Perl Programming for Beginners
Code with Perl even if you're a beginner. The world of programming has become almost saturated with different languages, all created for different purposes but developed for use in multiple applications.

Fundamentals of CSS and CSS3
If you have ever wanted to become a web developer, then you know you need to know both CSS and CSS3. It's your choice how you learn it. You can read through a textbook or eBook, or you can have your own personal tutor showing you how to do everything every step of the way. That's what this course is all about.

Oracle Java SE7 Programmer Level 1 Certification
Java is the number one development platform in the world, running on 97% of desktops. So it's no surprise that Java programmers are some of the most sought after by employers. A java certification course adds bona fide credentials to any resume, and is a sure fire way to strengthen your skills and employment prospects.

Fundamentals of PHP
Learn the basics of PHP programming. No prior experience required. You will learn everything about the basics of PHP programming using real world examples. Source codes are included for each lesson so you can learn by deconstructing each element.

Fundamentals of HTML
This course is focused on beginners, and will take you all the way from 'what does that even stand for' to creating real life projects using -- and understanding why and how you just did it.

Introduction to Unity 3D Scripting in C#
Learn the basics of coding video games with Unity 3D. If you have some coding knowledge, this course will still be helpful as it relates coding to how it is used in game development today.

Julia: Learn the New Julia Programming Language
Learn Julia for really fast compiling code. The secret to making the big bucks and landing that dream programming job is pretty simple. Pick a few key languages and get really, really good at them.

Erlang Programming for Beginners
Understand what Erlang is and be able to write small Erlang programs. It's a unique language that has its own specialised niche, so having it in your arsenal is definitive proof that you're a pro.

Node.js - From Zero to Web Apps
Code a Node.js Project with an Online IDE. To a certain extent, it can seem as though different programming languages are only suitable for a specified set of tasks, like building apps or analysing data.

Google Go Programming for Beginners (Golang)
There are an endless number of programming languages out there, and new ones are added on an almost daily basis. There are an endless number of programming languages out there, and new ones are added on an almost daily basis. To keep on top of the game and broaden your skill set, picking up a few of these new languages never hurts.

Beginning Web Components with Dart
Keeping on top of the latest progress in web development can be daunting. There are always new languages to learn, new applications to create with them, and endless possibilities.

Intermediate & Advanced Java Programming
Take your Java skills to the next level and start building real applications. Take your Java skills to the next level and start building real applications. Source codes are included for each lecture.

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