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The Data Security Compliance Manager training course outlines important data security measures that must be taken to ensure the protection of sensitive data and personal information.
Data compliance is essential as there are strict laws governing the security of customer information and personal information relating to employees and suppliers. Modern technology means that sensitive information is stored on a regular basis within organisations and it is imperative that this is handled correctly. The role of Data Compliance Manager is an important one and the right training is crucial.
The security measures covered in this training course protect individuals and also protect data up to a corporate level. You will learn how to prevent hacking into personal social media accounts and data protection levels all the way up to preventing the hacking of sensitive corporate data and data breaches.

What you will learn:

  • Prevent data breaches
  • Protecting personal information
  • Types of breaches
  • Safeguarding personal information
  • Technical safeguards
  • Physical safeguards

Why study online?
Technological improvements and advances in educational design mean that studying online is no longer just a low cost alternative to traditional training methods. In many respects our online courses offer training which is superior to the majority of available “classroom” options.
Not only is the effectiveness of the training process enhanced, but also the convenience and overall cost efficiency of studying online makes it a compelling option for training. You can learn at your own pace and can repeat each section as many times as required unlike in a classroom environment.
Studying at your own pace, rewinding and going over the material as often as you need improves your long-term memory retention and makes studying more rewarding.

Module 1: Data Breaches and ID Theft

  • Course Introduction
  • Threat and Cost

Module 2: Device Security Basics

  • It’s All About YOU - Part 1
  • It’s All About YOU - Part 2

Module 3: Avoiding Inadvertent Disclosure

  • No More OOps - Part 1
  • No More OOps - Part 2

Module 4: Physical and Technical Safeguards

  • The DO Of Security - Part 1
  • The DO Of Security - Part 2
  • Course Outro

Who is this course for?
The Data Security Compliance training course is ideal for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of internet security and how to maintain the safety and security of sensitive data and personal information.

There are no official prerequisites to study the Data Security Compliance training course.

Career path

  • Data Security Compliance Manager
  • Junior Security Analyst
  • Security Administrator
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Security Analyst
  • IT Security Officer
  • IT Manager
  • Network Administrator

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