300-135 Troubleshooting & Maintaining Cisco IP Networks TSHOOT

300-135 Troubleshooting & Maintaining Cisco IP Networks TSHOOT
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300-135 Troubleshooting & Maintaining Cisco IP Networks TSHOOT

2KO Africa's CCNP Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks course provides full coverage of the knowledge and skills required to plan and perform regular maintenance on complex enterprise routed and switched networks and use technology-based practices and a systematic ITIL-compliant approach to perform network troubleshooting. 2KO's online courses are also available as full-time instructor led courses in Cape Town, giving our students hands on skills to help prepare for International IT certification exams. 2KO International delivers computer courses in dozens of countries across Africa, as well as being a leading supplier of online IT training from the comfort of home or work. Contact us for news of current course specials.

Course Curriculum

Module - 1

Course Introduction
Describing Troubleshooting Methodology
What is Troubleshooting?
Troubleshooting Methods
Common Troubleshooting Approaches

Module - 2

Using Troubleshooting Procedures
Network Troubleshooting Procedures
Case Study Example

Module - 3

Recommended Practices During Routine Maintenance
Common Maintenance Tasks
Saving-Restoring and Archiving Configurations
Network Documentation
Implementing Time and Logging Services
Creating Baselines and Communication

Module - 4

Using Basic IOS Troubleshooting Tools
Layer 2 Switching Process
Layer 3 Routing Process
Filtering Show Commands and Regular Expressions
Redirecting Show Output
Troubleshooting Command Options
Basic Hardware Diagnostics and De-Bug Commands

Module - 5

Specialized Troubleshooting Tools
Troubleshooting Tools and Categories
Syslog Case Study
Troubleshooting with SPAN
Troubleshooting with SNMP
NetFlow Case Study
Cisco IOS Embedded Event Manager

Module - 6

Scenario #1:Acme Corporation
Troubleshooting Trunks
Troubleshooting NAT
Troubleshooting Interfaces
Troubleshooting IPv6 Addressing

Module - 7

Scenario #2:Overseas INC
Troubleshooting BGP Neighbor
Troubleshooting Port Security
Troubleshooting VLANs

Module - 8

Scenario #3:Education Systems INC
Troubleshooting Branch Router
Troubleshooting EIGRP Adjacency
Troubleshooting BGP

Module - 9

Scenario #4:Seven Seas Travel
Troubleshooting Redistribution
Troubleshooting FHRP Tracking
Troubleshooting IP SLA

Module - 10

Scenario #5:Tightfit Brackets
Troubleshooting Unauthorized Switches
Troubleshooting PCA Server Access
Troubleshooting Cisco Discovery Protocol

Module - 11

Scenario #6: Ajax Corporation
Troubleshooting Network Layer Connectivity
Troubleshooting TCP Handshake
Troubleshooting an Error-Disabled Port

Module - 12

Scenario #7:Destiny Charters
Troubleshooting OSPF Adjacency
Troubleshooting Management Access
Troubleshooting HSRP

Module - 13

Scenario #8:One Way Leasing
Troubleshooting Telnet to the Branch Router
Troubleshooting BGP
Troubleshooting NTP

Module - 14

Scenario #9:Pinnacle Insurance
Troubleshooting EIGRP Summarization
Troubleshooting Basic RIPng
Troubleshooting ACLs

Module - 15

Scenario #10:Creative Design
Troubleshooting VTP
Troubleshooting EIGRP for IPv6
Troubleshooting MP-BGP

Module - 16

Scenario #11:Mojo Corporation
Troubleshooting DHCP
Troubleshooting IPv6

Module - 17

Scenario #12:Universal Travel
Troubleshooting Routing Sources
Troubleshooting VRRP
Troubleshooting Ether channel

Module - 18

Scenario #13:Land King Realty
Troubleshooting Disaster Recovery and Inter-VLan Routing
Troubleshooting DNS

Module - 19

Scenario #14:Popcorn City
Troubleshooting GRE Tunnels
Troubleshooting OSPF Summarization
Troubleshooting AAA

Module - 20

Scenario #15:Ocean Rentals
Troubleshooting OSPFv3 Address Families
Troubleshooting OSPF Authentication

Module - 21

Scenario #16:Leisure Travel
Troubleshooting GLBP and FHRPs
Troubleshooting DHCP
Troubleshooting SSH Connectivity

Module - 22

Scenario #17:Easystreet Resorts
Troubleshooting EIGRP
Troubleshooting Telnet to ASw2

Module - 23

Scenario #18:Toledo Construction
Troubleshooting OSPFv3
Troubleshooting OSPF Stubby Areas

Module - 24

Scenario #19:Marine Supply
Troubleshooting DST
Troubleshooting IPv6

Module - 25

Scenario #20: OneWay Rentals
Troubleshooting BGP Route Selection
Troubleshooting Management Plane Security
Course Outro

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