Photoshop CC Essentials

Photoshop CC Essentials
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Photoshop CC Essentials

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2KO Africa's online Photoshop CC Essentials course is perfect for students learning how to use Photoshop CC. 2KO offers computer courses in over eighteen nations across Africa; as well as providing online IT training 24/7 over the Internet, enabling 2KO students the opportunity to study courses online world-wide from the comfort of home or work.Photoshop CC has hundreds of tools and thousands of settings. Most users will never use the majority of them. This course explores the most commonly used tools and helps you apply them to real world situations.


In this course you will work on a project at the end of each section. You will work on a real life project that uses the skills you just learned in each section. Projects can be used for practice or to build a portfolio of work.

After taking this course you will be able to use Photoshop in these fields:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Game Animation
  • Logo Design

Who Should Take This Course
This course is designed for Photoshop CC beginners so you can learn Photoshop no matter your skill level. However, even intermediate users will learn Photoshop CC skills and applications important to success.

There are no skill prerequisites for this course. You are expected to have access to a copy of Photoshop CC, though Photoshop CS6 will work fine as well.  

Class Curriculum

Introduction to the Course Introduction to Photoshop CC

  • Introduction to the course
  • Workspace Basics
  • New Documents and Custom Presets
  • Project - Contrasting Images

Learn Essential Photoshop CC Skills

  • Section Introduction
  • Breaking Down the Interface
  • Creating, Modifying and Deleting Workspaces
  • Creating and Saving New Documents
  • Zooming and Document Navigation
  • Undoing Mistakes with the History Panel
  • Section Review and Exercise

Learn Basic Image Manipulation

  • Section Introduction
  • Resizing Images
  • Understanding the Crop Tool
  • Working with Canvas Size
  • Manipulation with Free Transform
  • Section Review and Exercise

Learn Photoshop Selections

  • Section Introduction
  • Using Selections
  • Selections with the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tool
  • Adding and Subtracting Selections
  • Transforming Selections
  • Floating and Duplicating Selections
  • Creating Selections Using The Quick Selection Tool
  • Free Transforming Selections
  • Advanced Selection Tools
  • Section Review and Exercise

Learn Photoshop Layers

  • Section Introduction
  • Introduction to Layers
  • Removing Image Backgrounds
  • Combining Images
  • Rearranging, Resizing and Renaming Layers
  • Working with Multiple Layers
  • Blending Modes, Opacity and Fill Layer 
  • Getting Organized with Layer Groups
  • Basic Text Manipulation
  • Advanced Text Manipulation
  • Filtering Layers By Type
  • Introduction to Clipping and Layer Masks
  • Section Review and Exercises

Working with Images in Photoshop

  • Section Introduction
  • Removing Red Eye From Photos
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Touch Ups and Spot Healing
  • Tone and Focus
  • Using Auto Correct Commands
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Additional Color Correction
  • Non-Destructive Correcting
  • Section Review and Exercise

Learn Photoshop Filters

  • Section Introduction
  • Getting Started with Photoshop Filters
  • Working with the Filter Gallery
  • Using Filters Non-Destructively
  • Introducing Layer Styles
  • Section Review and Exercise


  • Course Recap
  • Additional Resources for Learning
  • Closing Message
  • Certificate Exam Access

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